FoosBall Tournament:

Friday the 28th of April

ScrollBar is pleased to announce the bi-annual FoosBall Tournament.
Join for the fun of it, and let your hard-earned effort and countless hours of training be well-known across ITU.
The winner will be awarded with drink tickets and punch cards from Scrollbar, and second place will also be awarded drink tickets.

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For questions or changes:
Note: Foosball is the same as table football.


Tournament form

The tournament is played as a double elimination. Winning a match will progress the team through the bracket. The first loss will drop the team to the lower bracket, while the second loss will drop the team out of the tournament. Each bracket will proceed until a winner is found. The loser of the winner bracket final will then play the winner of the lower bracket final, and the winner of that match will meet the winner of the upper bracket final in the grand final.


All games will be played on the italian foosball tables. We will be using the blue table sponsored by Netcompany as well as a new green table sponsored by Carlsberg. The games will be played on the table that is first available, with the exception of the upper bracket final and grand final that will be played on the Netcompany table.


A match consists of 1 game between two teams. The game is played until one side has 10 points or 20 minutes have passed, at which point the team with the most points is declared a winner. If the score is even after 20 minutes, the judge will call "sudden death" and the next team to score a point wins the game. For the grand final, a Best of 3 games is played, with a 1 game advantage to the winner of the upper bracket final.

Starting a match

Before a match, the judge performs a coin toss with each team picking a side. The winner choses either side of the table or to start with the ball. The opposing team is given the other option. For subsequent games (if any) in the same match, the teams switch side and the other team is given the first ball.


The ball is served by putting it at the feet of the midfield of the team that was last scored upon, also called "Loser's Ball", with the exception of the first ball that is decided by coin toss. Once both teams have declared themselves ready, the ball is in play and remains in play until either a goal is scored, a dead ball is declared or the ball is hit off the table. The only exception is if a rule says the ball is to be served "free for all", in which case it is dropped (without spinning or influencing the ball) into the hole at either side of the table and both teams can attempt to get it.


A point is scored when the ball enters the opposing team's goal. If it bounces back out, the goal still counts and the ball is picked up. The only exception is if the ball was fired by the midfield, in which case it does not count and the ball is served again, free for all. A ball must be actively shot by a non-midfield player figure to count - nudging and bouncing a ball shot by the midfield does not count.

Spinning rods

Only a single spin is allowed before and after the ball is hit. If multiple spins accur and the ball is hit, the opposing team is given the ball at the feet of the closest rod (midfield -> midfield, offense -> defense).

Dead ball

If a ball has completely stopped its motion and cannot be reached by any player figure, it is declared a "dead ball". If the ball is declared dead between the goal and the other teams offensive 3-man rod, it is given to the defense. If it is declared dead anywhere else, it is served, free for all.

Ball off the table

If the ball is shot off the table at any point, it is served again, free for all.

Holding the ball

A ball must shot or passed forward within 10 second of possession. Possession counts from the second the ball is within reach of a player figure. If the ball is shot, blocked and returned to the same player, the timer is reset. If the shot or pass is not made within the 10 seconds, the closest opposing rod takes possession of the ball. Note: This rule was made to make sure no team prolongs the game when ahead on score.