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Yes! We're so glad you made it here!

Here's what joining ScrollBar is all about:

Everyone in ScrollBar are volunteers which means that we're a non-profit organization. Our aim is to bring the great people of ITU together in a relaxed setting, and as the night goes on we turn up the volume and fill the dancefloor.
Because every member volunteers, it's a priority that everyone in ScrollBar enjoy their shifts, also when busy.

ScrollBar has gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and it's well-earned; we serve a LOT of nice drinks and beers and have a growing base of DJs.
We love our guests and they surely seem to like us.

As a member of ScrollBar you get to be a part of the best social community at ITU. ScrollBar is currently home to more than 45 awesome people, which makes it a great place to meet new people from other years or programmes. Best of all - as a member you have a say in the future of ScrollBar.

See this short video about Anna who is one of our bartenders!

Here's the deal:

  • On average, you must attend 3-4 shifts during a semester. You can take more if you want to.
    • A shift is either an opening (14:00-21:00) or closing shift (21:00 - 03:00)
  • When on shift you drink for free.
    • Behind the bar you must drink responsibly and always be able to serve our guests.
  • When not on shift, you get a discount on our assortment.
  • Attending bi-annual general assemblies, where we discuss the future of ScrollBar.
  • Members-only social activities - among others the notorious Christmas Party.

So, how do I apply?

Once a semester, we're throwing a Meet 'n Greet event, where you can come and check out whether ScrollBar is something for you. You get to meet some of our lovely members and have fun with us. After that, we open the gates for applications:
Send your funniest, weirdest or wackiest application - forget about your curriculum. We want to see what makes you, you.
Applications (we have seen our share) may come in many forms; write about yourself, record a movie, praise yourself in song, write a poem, draw a cartoon, make a game.
Or do something completely different and surprise us!
The application form must contain your contact information (full name, ITU E-mail and phone number), a recent picture of youself, your reason for applying to ScrollBar and whatever shennanigans like the above mentioned that you want to show us.

You set the bar, so set it high!
In any case, submit the application form at

We're more than excited about receiving your application!


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ScrollBar loves you <3!