DJ'ing and visuals in ScrollBar

Do you want to either try out DJing or just improve your existing DJ skills?
Maybe you just want to be in charge of getting people dancing and having a blast on the dance floor?
Maybe you want to make a video of crazy visuals that will play on the wall while the DJs play?

We're always looking for DJs in ScrollBar. The more diversity the better, and ScrollBar is a great place to test out your new DJ set or whacky transitions.
Due to the fact that the DJs play for free (ScrollBar is an organisation driven by volunteers after all), and that DJs are often fellow students gives the dance floor a rather relaxed vibe.
Screwing up a transition or not playing the newest Beyonce hit will not ruin the vibe in the bar. This means that there is room to play around and simply just have fun with the music.

Interested? Send an email to

Current resident DJs

  • Mikkel Vesterager
  • Martin Edvardsen
  • Mikkel Villebro
  • Malik Kreutzfeldt
  • Rasmus Jacobsen
  • Martin Hansen
  • Emil Kristoffersen


  • When DJ'ing you get free booze (beer, drinks, shots etc.) while you play.
  • Play for as long as you like (often two to three hours), but we want you to play for at least an hour.
  • You decide at what time during the night you want to play (usually somewhere between seven and two 'o clock).
  • You can play any genre of music you want to, but genres that are easy-ish to dance to are preferred.

Audio Gear

  • A loud PA system with more than enough bass (1000W+ if you really wanna know).
  • A 10-channel mixer with speak-on, AUX and good old phono inputs.
  • A Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 DJ controller (4 decks, two jog wheels).